Improving City Strategic Planning and Governance

For the City of Yellowknife to run effectively and successfully, we need to:

  • Set clear goals;
  • Create plans to achieve them; and
  • Review progress often.

For Council to advance key community priorities, and for residents and businesses to receive effective programs and services at the right service level, we need to focus on improving our strategic planning and governance.

As Mayor, I would ensure that we begin our next term as effectively as possible by developing our strategic plan within the first 90 days of the term. Once the strategic plan identifies Council’s priorities for the term and an implementation plan is developed, I would report to Council on a monthly basis with a progress report so that we can identify roadblocks and solutions to overcome them, and identify resources required to achieve the goals. Although we’ve had Strategic Plans in the past, we haven’t had strong implementation plans and we haven’t regularly tracked our progress. As Mayor, I would ensure that we stay focused on our priorities.

Other key plans to focus on during our term would include:

  • 2020-2028 Community Plan (formerly called the General Plan): The Plan provides policy direction not only on the timing and location of growth but on the character of that growth. Have your say now!
  • Long-Term Financial Plan: The essential elements of a plan are an analysis of the financial and economic environment, long-term forecasts, debt analysis, and financial strategies and policies. Read more…
  • Building Bylaw overhaul: Review and revise the Building Bylaw – including setting a new energy efficiency standard based on the Federal government’s new EnerGuide Rating System.
  • Services and Service Level Inventory: Document the City’s key services, and associate a standard of delivery for each service. Read more…

For more information, please visit my “Frequently Asked Questions” page.