Opening Remarks during the Alternatives North Forum

My name is Rebecca Alty, and I have served six years as a City Councillor, and currently am on leave from my role on the Senior Management team at Diavik – as the manager of community relations and communications.

As I’m sure most in this room would agree, Yellowknife is already a great place to live, work and visit. But we can improve and I have the skills and expertise for us to do that.

My vision as Mayor is…

  • I want us to have a healthy and safe community that is economically and socially prosperous, making it a desirable place to live and work for all residents and economically viable for businesses.
  • I want Council to work together to successfully address problems in a way that will achieve long-term, sustainable solutions.

As Mayor…

  • I believe that it’s important that initiatives and improvements are part of an overall plan, and aren’t just happening in isolation;
  • I believe that we need to tap into our strong, resilient, creative community to turn challenges – whether they are social, environmental or economic – into opportunities; and
  • I believe that partnerships are essential to move us forward, and that I have the people skills and connections to strengthen our relationships with the GNWT, the Federal government, Indigenous governments, not-for-profits and local businesses for the benefit of all residents

On the economic front, we need to have a solid economic development plan; a plan that is developed with all levels of government and representatives from various business sectors. We need to collaborate effectively to identify within specific economic sectors which obstacles can and which barriers should be overcome through well-designed policy actions.

On the social front, we need to follow through on our 10 year plan to end homelessness – which also addresses affordable housing, healing and reconciliation – by working with various partners.

My leadership style is collaboration to achieve these bigger goals. This is my home and as Mayor, I will dedicate myself to listening to residents and working together with Council, Administration and our partners to make the most of the potential we have here in our great city.