I’m concerned about waste. What’s your plan for that? 

One of the core services of the City is waste management – which right now is garbage, recycling and compost. In May of this year, we approved a new Strategic Waste Management Plan. Administration is currently developing an implementation plan, but it will be for the next Council to ensure that the plan is implemented. For environmental and economic reasons, it’s important that we implement this plan.

What’s the cost of garbage? In addition to the ongoing operational costs (~$1.27 million/year), we need to consider the capital cost of opening a new cell, closing cells and the post-closure cost. The estimated future cost to close the balefill area is approximately $3.6 million. The City will retain responsibility to manage and monitor the site in the post-closure care period to ensure that the previously placed waste materials are not negatively impacting the surrounding environment. The estimated post-closure costs for the facility are $108,000 per year.

To reduce the cost of opening new areas, closing old areas, and monitoring post-closure, we need to focus on waste reduction and improve diversion (like recycling and composting), and the Strategic Waste Management Plan is the guiding document to help us. As Mayor, and as this is one of our core services, I will focus on ensuring that this plan is properly resourced and tracked on a regular basis.

To read the report: https://www.yellowknife.ca/en/city-government/resources/Reports/Public-Works/City-of-Yellowknife-Strategic-Waste-Management-Plan-April-2018.pdf